Swimming pool in a smart home – remote control

The main trend of our time is the ultra-rapid development of technologies and their ever-deeper penetration into all spheres of life. Those things that were considered unattainable twenty or thirty years ago, today have become commonplace – the Internet, smartphones, and many other examples.

This situation certainly opens up unlimited possibilities for improving everyday human life. It was at the crossroads of technology, digitalization, and human comfort that the Smart Home concept arose. Initially, it was based on such aspects as automation, remote control of lighting and heating. Today it covers almost all elements of the operation of the house and the local area, like smart watering or smart pool systems.

Automatic pool control

A pool is a real asset of every backyard, as well as an undoubted status and comfort for its owners. However, it requires constant care and maintenance. Pool automation solves this issue by delegating most of the care processes to a Smart Home system, which greatly simplifies life of the owners and saves time from additional hassle.

Pool automation greatly simplifies management processes. Thanks to the Larnitech system, you can remotely control parameters such as temperature, pool opening/closing, pH level, water purity, and multiple scenarios. So, for example, in the morning, when you decide to go in for sports or just relax by swimming in the pool, the system will open it on schedule and control all the necessary parameters.

The main functions performed by the pool in a smart home are as follows:

  • Filling the pool with water at the desired temperature and at the specified time.
  • Support of the required level and temperature of water. You will need this function when using the pool in continuous mode. For example, you often invite friends over for the weekend and have pool parties. Or you are the owner of a small hotel or a country club and receive guests.
  • Water quality and purity control. This is one of the most important functions. With the help of sensors installed in the pool, the system monitors the quality of water and the level of pollution as well as the condition of the filters. If necessary, the filtering process can be started. All information about the state of water and cleaning is sent to the owner’s smartphone. In case of unforeseen situations, you will receive an emergency message.
  • Mini SPA resort at your home. Modern swimming pools are often equipped with additional internal lighting, turbines, air compressors, and even audio systems. So, if you wish, you can easily turn a vacation by the pool into a trip to a water park or a visit to a SPA resort. In the smart pool system, you can choose from pre-existing “water special effects” control programs or create your own attraction algorithm.
  • Savings. A private pool is definitely not a cheap pleasure. However, with a smart pool you have the opportunity to reduce your costs. An automated system rationally uses water and electricity for heating and lighting, and thanks to timely control helps to avoid filter breakage. Thus, the funds you spent on the automation system would quickly pay off during use.

Why to choose pool automation by Larnitech?

The products of the German manufacturer and supplier of smart home systems Larnitech are in great demand both in Europe and abroad. The secret of the company’s success is very simple and effective – a full cycle of its own production. Due to the fact that all elements of the systems are produced in our own factory, Larnitech not only guarantees the quality of its products, but also offers an affordable price.

Having once purchased a system from the German company Larnitech, you will be a follower of its products all your life.