Our partners in more than 20 countries have automated thousands of projects with the Larnitech system: from private houses, restaurants and car salons to large-scale residential complexes, office centers, clinics and world hotel chains.

You can see some of them below:

Car showroom

Lexus car showroom

  • Climate control – perfectly adjusted humidity, temperature and ventilation, so that a client feels the maximum comfort in a showroom.
  • Lighting – the tone, brightness and color saturation of the LED lamps exactly match the requirements of the company’s brand book. Lighting automatically changes according to the day of the week. Simulation of different times of day is used to demonstrate the color of the car under different lighting conditions.
  • Multimedia control – multiroom gives an option of personalised welcoming of a client. The track list changes automatically depending on the time of day.
  • Pre-set scenarios – like a scenario that congratulates guests after buying a car: the lighting changes, certain music turns on, greetings words are pronounced from speakers.
  • Security – leakage sensors, motion sensors, video surveillance cameras.
  • Full control – remote access of the company managers to all systems.
Beauty clinic

Beauty clinic “Tryfonova MD”

What is needed for the most comfortable stay of a client in a clinic or beauty salon?

  • Optimal climate – climate control in the SPA area is especially important. Indeed, during the procedures, clients have to partially or completely undress, and also become barefoot on the floor. Therefore, we paid special attention to the optimal air temperature, warm floors that are automatically heated a certain time before the procedure, as well as air conditioning – so that the air in the room is always fresh, but there are no cold air currents.
  • Atmosphere – streams of water create an atmosphere of peace and help clients to relax as much as possible. The decorative fountain is fully controlled from the Larnitech app.
  • Lighting – directly affects the mood and condition of a person, so its role is difficult to overestimate. With the Larnitech application it is easy to choose different lighting scenarios for different areas and to find the right shade down to the smallest tone.
  • Music – multimedia system control allows you to set up your own playlist for each room with the desired sound volume. Also, using the multiroom system, the staff can easily communicate with each other.
Smart Restaurant

Restaurants Virgin Izakaya, Fish Fetish

  • Climate control
  • Media control
  • Lighting scenario chart
  • CO2 and water leakage control
  • Energy consumption control
  • Motion sensors
  • Sensors that control entrance of doors and windows
  • Automatic functioning of blinds and shutters

Ready scenarios that work on schedule –

are among the most requested automation features for restaurants.

At different times of the day automatically:

  • Lighting combination and its saturation changes
  • Roller blinds partially or completely close
  • The list of tracks and the volume of music playback changes
  • The climate is regulated in compliance with outer air temperature

At night, the restaurant is switched to energy-saving and enhanced security modes.

In the morning, even before the arrival of the staff, all necessary systems start operating, preparing the restaurant for comfortable work and reception of guests.

Dental clinic

Dental clinic for kids

The sensor panel allows to control:

  • Lighting
  • Microclimate
  • Roller blinds
  • Anti-flood system

All Larnitech equipment harmoniously fits the interior of the clinic, emphasizing its modernity and client-oriented approach.

Smart shopping center

Shopping mall automation guarantees a lot of benefits for everyone!

  • Owners and managers – full control of all systems operation, personnel and energy costs.
  • Clients –  confidence in their safety, as the system instantly detects water leakage and smoke. As well as spending time in a perfectly adjusted climate: ventilation, humidity, comfortable temperature.
  • Staff – comfortable management of large premises from one application.
Smart Office

Fire Pro X company office equipped with Larnitech

  • Climate control
  • Video surveillance
  • Electric shutters are controlled from phone
  • Due to motion sensors and door opening sensors, the light turns on automatically
  • At night, the outer lighting of the building automatically turns on
  • A snow melting system is installed on the steps in the front of the entrance
  • “Leave” scenario is set up, when pressing one button turns off all the lights and appliances in the office.
Smart Cinema

Cinema Forest. Cinema in a private house

In a smart cinema, the Larnitech app allows you to:

  • Control CO2 level
  • Adjust the comfort chair position
  • Control temperature, ventilation and air humidity
  • Turn on lighting scenarios that are optimal for watching movies
  • Find the needed movie from the media library right in the phone
Residential complexes

Residential complexes Rybalsky, VitaGrad, Central Avenue, Hyde Park are fully controlled by the Larnitech system.

What does the automation of residential complexes give to a developer?

  • Living space becomes more attractive for the end customer
  • The price per square meter increases
  • Savings on automation
  • The ability to control all expenses.

A smart residential complex is a benefit, status and comfort for both the developer and the client!

Private houses

Irrigation system

Your Smart Home takes care of your plants.
The system will analyze the readings of soil moisture, temperature sensors, weather station information and, if necessary, will turn on the watering of plants and flowers.

You can also automate the watering of indoor plants.

Sauna control

You can turn on the heating of the sauna remotely so that it is ready for you when you arrive. You can also change the temperature and backlights, control humidity and CO2 levels from your phone.

Pool control

The system will check the operation of the pool equipment.
It will turn on the filtration and maintain the set temperature, check the pH level, and also replenish the water level if it decreases in a result of evaporation.

All the functions of a smart home inside the house can be found in the Smart Home section.


Smart Gym