Lighting automation in a smart home

Lighting Automation – is an independent but coordinated work of all lighting appliances in a house based on the schedules and scenarios.

With Smart lighting from Larnitech you can control all the lamps in your home right from your smartphone. No more need to walk around the house turning off the lights – all this can be done by one click.

Comfort is also provided by the temperature and brightness of the lighting that changes automatically depending on the time of a day.

Are you curious about the possibilities of a Light Alarm Clock, Biodynamic Lighting and various Lighting Scenarios? Then it’s time to pay attention to the main benefits of smart lighting and its functions.



The lighting control system allows you to use different scenarios for different lighting groups.

Our company offers a huge base of ready-made scenarios, in addition to that you can create your own – customized for your lifestyle, for example: “Guests”, “Night” or “Party” scenarios.

It is very convenient when leaving home to activate the “I’m gone” scenario with just one click and all the lighting in the house will be turned off.

With the Movie scenario you can arrange the atmosphere of a Cinema without going out to a real one.


The automatic operation of lights is provided by the use of motion, lighting and door position sensors. Activation of a corresponding scenario begins when these sensors are triggered.

For example, motion sensors detect your movements and start turning on lamps as you go. Lights pave your way through the house, following you from one room to another. Such a system saves not only your time, but also energy consumption, turning off lights in the rooms when no one is there.


You can easily bind one switch to several lamps.

The switch can be programmed in such a way that it can be used to control any lamp or group of appliances in the house as you wish. For example, one switch can turn on / off the light on the stairs, in the bedroom, in the children’s room. It depends on how many times or how long you push the switch.


You can create landscape lighting scenarios, managing them manually or automatically.

For example, landscape lighting will automatically turn on with the sunset, and at dawn it will turn off.

This is possible because of a meteorological station integrated with the system. It’s an extremely convenient way to control lighting, because the sun sets and rises at different times depending on the season. However, with the help of a meteorological station Larnitech fully synchronizes lighting with these changes of nature.


Lighting also plays its role in the security systems of your home. In case of an intrusion or any incident, emergency lighting comes into play. For example, when an alarm is triggered, the lamps throughout the house begin to flash, scaring off the intruder.

When you are away, the system uses lighting to simulate your presence, which is also effective in preventing break-ins and thefts.


The RGB panel in the Larnitech application helps you easily control LED lamps and backlights.

With its help, you can choose any color of a lamp or activate a schedule according to which the color will change automatically depending on the specified parameters.

It’s also easy to change the saturation and contrast of lighting, you just need to swipe your finger on the slider in the panel.


Automatic control of curtains and blinds opens them at a specified time or when a light sensor is triggered, for example, in the morning, and closes them in the evening.


In the time of our ancestors, people would wake up from the light of the sun, so a light alarm clock is the most delicate way to meet a new day without causing stress to the nervous system. A light alarm wakes you up naturally with light, rather than harsh sounds of a conventional alarm clock.

In recent years, these types of alarm clocks are gaining more and more popularity among fans of a healthy lifestyle. That is why Larnitech has developed light alarm scenarios:

curtains and shutters can automatically open, letting morning light into the room.
If there is not enough light through windows, the system turns on electric lighting, choosing the light temperature closest to the sun’s rays at this particular period of the day.

If desired, some kind of calm music or sounds that imitate nature can be added to the light alarm clock: sounds of water, birds singing, etc.


The system can automatically create the most optimal lighting at different times of the day using biodynamic lighting. This will improve your well-being, normalize biorhythms, calm the nervous system and invigorate. Read more about biodynamic lighting here.