Restaurant Automation

Running a restaurant is not an easy and specific business because it is the niche with the strongest competition.

How many times have you woken up thinking about how you could improve your establishment, improve service and increase the interest of visitors? Admit it, it has happened more than once. Let’s say you own a restaurant that is very popular. Regular customers reserve tables in advance to enjoy the delicious food and pleasant atmosphere. But how much time does your staff spend creating this comfort and atmosphere? Would it not be better to focus all their efforts on quality service and automate the usual processes?

We offer you to enter the world of innovation and turn your restaurant into a “smart restaurant” that thinks about the comfort of the guests instead of you.

What is “restaurant automation”?

It is a modern, integrated ecosystem that offers a new level of comfort. Today, such innovative technology is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity to improve the quality of life.

Imagine you are a first-time visitor. You open the door and enter a room that welcomes you with a slight chill or warmth, depending on the time of year. The room smells pleasantly of pastries and coffee, and the light is barely dimmed, harmonising with the background music. You realise that you are in a cosy place that makes you want to come back.  And now imagine that all this is provided by a “smart restaurant” with the help of special equipment. Isn’t that the best investment in your comfort?

Why is “Smart Restaurant” so relevant now?

Especially now, when the staff has more important things to do than control the closing of the entrance door, adjust the appropriate lighting, lower or raise the shutters, it’s better to delegate routine tasks to the Larnitech smart system.

Buying equipment for a smart restaurant means simplifying your life, because of:

  • Saving energy resources, financial investments and time.
  • Maintaining a stable temperature thanks to the climate control system.
  • Ensuring the security of the premises. In fact, you get your own virtual guard, who will inform you of any problems, even from a distance.
  • Avoid emergency situations (the system detects gas leaks, the first signs of fire, water leaks).

You get a pre-programmed script that automatically turns on the lights at the right time, changes their combination and saturation, controls the rollers, combines a list of themed tracks and adjusts the volume of the songs.

Most importantly, you can sleep peacefully thanks to enhanced night-time security. And in the morning, all the systems are up and running before the staff arrive, ready for their comfortable work.

Lighting automation

Modern restaurants are equipped with many appliances that are difficult to control manually. The result is uneconomical power consumption. To simplify the task, there is intelligent lighting linked to sensors. They are installed around the room and respond to movement and changes in lighting, including natural light.

What are the possibilities of automatic lighting?

  • Light is switched on when a visitor walks down the corridor or takes a table in a particular area.
  • Lighting throughout the premises is adjusted according to the saturation of natural light.
  • Brightness increases and decreases according to weather conditions.

Installing an automated lighting system is an essential part of creating a unique restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant, its style and design depend on successful lighting compositions, and your savings depend on lighting automation.

Automation of kitchen appliances

Automate the appliances in your restaurant and monitor their power consumption. If an appliance is forgotten and left on after restaurant hours, the system will notify you to turn it off to avoid power loss, which you can do remotely. Alternatively, you can set a smart schedule and the system will automatically turn off unused equipment overnight and turn it back on just before the kitchen opens.

Preparing food and helping with cooking

Robots can also be used to automate your restaurant. Here is a brief overview of some of the innovative uses of robotics:

  • Ingredient preparation – mechanical slicers, cutters and dispensers can be started at the touch of a button or synchronised with the ordering system to work on demand and create portions.
  • Automated cooks – robots can prepare hamburgers and fries, using sensors to measure food temperature and other parameters to ensure perfect dishes every time.
  • Some restaurants even have robotic waiters who can bring food from the kitchen to the table without human contact.

Preventive maintenance

When an electrical appliance is damaged, it doesn’t just stop working. It usually increases the amount of energy it uses to compensate for the loss of power. Because there is no visible difference in performance, it can take months to identify the problem, resulting in inefficiency and wasted energy. Smart technologies can help you learn about the increase in energy consumption immediately and save additional resources for repair or replacement of equipment.

Automation of ventilation and conditioning systems

Modern technology also makes temperature control easier. With restaurant automation, you can quickly adjust room temperature settings at any time from a single application – using a standard smartphone or any other device or PC connected to the Internet. Intelligent temperature sensors help manage the indoor microclimate in every corner to ensure a high level of comfort for patrons.

In addition, the use of temperature sensors is in line with energy efficiency policies – the automation of ventilation and air conditioning systems does not require large investments, but is very effective in reducing heating and electricity costs.

Security Automation

It is important to optimise the security of the restaurant business. How can you achieve this? Consider installing

  • Smart cameras
  • Smart locks.

Surveillance cameras

CCTV cameras allow you to monitor what is happening in your restaurant from anywhere in the world. You can reposition, rotate, record and zoom in on the image transmitted from the camera to your smartphone or gadget. Control cameras remotely and with motion sensors.

Smart locks

Is it convenient to open and lock doors from anywhere in the world? Undoubtedly, it is convenient and extremely important to ensure the security of utility rooms and premises for employees and customers. Lock and unlock doors in 1 second.

Preparing the restaurant business for the future

Automation can reduce costs and help cooks, waiters and other staff deliver the best possible customer experience. Automated tools help your team perform better while increasing profit margins. This is a win-win for your business, your staff and your customers.