How biodynamic lighting can enhance health and quality of life

Light is one of the most important factors affecting energy and health of a person. It’s no wonder, given that our brain perceives through our eyes approximately 80% of all information about the world. Therefore, the more comfortable we perceive everything that is around us, the better and more productive our daily life will be. So, the concept of biodynamic lighting is the creation of the most favorable conditions for human life.

Biodynamic lighting. What’s this?

Biodynamic lighting is an intelligent lighting system that reproduces the most comfortable solar dynamics of light for a person. Thus, depending on the season, time of day or other factors, the system automatically or manually changes: 

  • light flow
  • the color temperature of the light.

Such changes make an effect on people’s biorhythms.

Where is biodynamic lighting used?

At the beginning, biodynamic lighting was used only in production areas of factories and in large office buildings, where there is a constant lack of daylight. This had a positive impact on the performance and well-being of workers and gave an incentive to other companies to implement such innovations.

Today, biodynamic lighting is used in many areas of human life, which you may not even be aware of.

Here are some examples:

  • Transport. In the metro, such lighting is used to reduce the stress of a person from being on the subway, thereby stimulating the use of public transport.
  • Trade. The use of biodynamic lighting in sales areas of supermarkets and shopping centers increases the time spent by buyers there, thereby increasing sales rates.
  • Medicine. Biodynamic lighting in clinics and hospitals reduces the stress of patients and improves their biorhythms.
  • Management. In large companies, lighting control systems are used in meeting rooms. For example, during intensive negotiations, when it is necessary to reduce the degree of tension, they use warm 3000–3500 K and light of medium intensity. When it is necessary to mobilize participants for mental activity, they turn on the maximum brightness and cold color temperature of 6000 K or more.

Today, more and more biodynamic lighting systems are being used in private houses and apartments.

Smart home and biodynamic lighting

The German company Larnitech develops and manufactures Smart Home systems for the automation of offices, industrial premises, private houses and apartments. For the implementation of biodynamic lighting projects, the company has developed a range of convenient and multifunctional solutions.

In particular, Larnitech will automatically adjust the optimal light temperature depending on time of the day and season, which can significantly improve your well-being and energy level. For example, if you feel tired in the evening, and there are still a lot of things to do – instead of another cup of coffee, just change the temperature of light – and you will be active again. 

If you work from home, biodynamic lighting can become especially essential for you: it will clearly distinguish the working time and the rest time, normalizing your biorhythms. 

Biodynamic lighting also allows you to save furniture surfaces from fading: during the daytime, when the sun shines the brightest, the system will automatically lower curtains or blinds.

With Larnitech, you can also change the color of lighting and find any shade from the RGB panel. Research shows that if users can change the light and color temperature on their own, the effect of light on biorhythms will be more effective.

Biodynamic lighting for office space

As the competition for both markets and qualified personnel grows, companies definitely will implement such systems, first for the offices of top managers (this process is already in full swing), and later for ordinary employees.

In office premises during the winter season the Larnitech system will artificially increase a biological day due to lighting: imitate sunrises before the start of working hours and create sunsets after the end of work. Such a system is especially relevant for industries working in shifts.

It has been proven that with the use of biodynamic lighting, employee productivity increases several times, which directly impacts companies` profits.

Pros and cons of biodynamic lighting

Proper biological lighting reduces the risk of seasonal depression, increases productivity and improves human health.

In the near future biodynamic lighting systems will gradually replace classical lighting from all areas of human life.

But like any new technology, biodynamic lighting has its own hidden dangers. For example, a non diligent employer, in order to increase labor productivity at any cost, can turn on an algorithm that will overly invigorate employees, which will negatively affect their health.