All the sounds of your home are at your fingertips! Manage the music, video sound scenarios and notifications to suit your needs and the needs of your loved ones! Larnitech uses advanced multiroom technology to bring you the best of sound control on the market.


You have full control of the audio and video signals in the house. Different tracks can be played in different rooms (classical music in the study, jazz at the bar and fairytale music in the children’s room, etc). You can easily control the multiroom system from your tablet/smartphone or wall panels located around the house.

Multiroom features
Voice control (Alexa, Siri, google home)
DLNA, Samba and Bluetooth support


Your house listens to what you tell it. It literally does. Renown voice activated assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Home are there to help you in any situation. They have been fully integrated into the Larnitech Smart Home to give you more voice control over things that you want to be done.

These assistants can give you the  weather forecast, inform you of the planned activities for the day, remind you about scheduled events from your calendar and much more!



The multiroom application is integrated into the Larnitech Smart Home system which also allows using it in different scenarios. For example, the system can notify you of an intercom call, the activation of the security system or of a water leakage.


The system supports the DLNA technology which enables its interaction with other devices supporting this standard. The multiroom system can play the content stored on your smartphone, computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage). The multiroom system can also stream internet radio stations.


The intercom system allows playing notifications in the rooms where the multiroom system is installed. It can either be done in selected rooms or in all the rooms at the same time.

The call signal is played anywhere in the house with the help of the multiroom system. The video is streamed on the tablet devices, smartphones or TVs. You can talk to the guest from wherever you are and let them in without the need of actually approaching the door.


The system reacts to the listener’s location with the help of motion detectors. It automatically turns the sound on when it detects a person nearby and turns it off in the empty areas.


The multiroom system can interact with the RBG illumination, changing the color and brightness of the light based on the music played.


The main element of the multiroom system is the media point  (MP). It is a compact device with a built-in amplifier. The MPs are connected to the local network. The network structure allows expanding and modifying the system easily. New media points can be added easily. Your Smart Home will automatically detect a newly connected device, which will be ready for operation shortly after.