Smart home in campagna

What is automation in a country house and how can it increase home security and comfort?

A smart home in the country is a combination of all the main home systems and devices in one easily manageable integrated system.

What is the difference between a smart home in the countryside and a smart home in a flat? The basic features are the same: lighting automation, climate control, curtain control, appliance control, voice assistants and much more.

However, when it comes to a country house, there is a fundamental difference: you do not stay there permanently, which means that you cannot carry out regular maintenance, check security and monitor the area around the house.

In this case, the installation of a Smart Home system will be the ideal solution because it will help you do all this remotely.

Smart home in campagna. Features

Caring for the land

  • Pool control – You can remotely change the pool water temperature, check the condition of the filters, switch on the backlight.
  • Lighting automation – Outdoor lighting can be set according to a schedule or controlled manually from a remote location. Lights, backlighting, brightness or colour can always be switched on, even if you are thousands of kilometres away from home.
  • Automatic watering – It is possible to set a schedule for watering the plants and indicate the exact amount of water for each zone. The system also monitors the soil moisture level and, in the event of heavy rain, will automatically stop watering to avoid over-watering.
  • Garden Management in Winter – The Smart Home will maintain an optimal humidity and temperature level depending on the time of year and day. In addition, the system can automatically open and close shutters to prevent plants from overheating during high solar activity.


  • Leakage and CO2 level sensors monitor the status of the systems and warn of any changes. The water and gas supply can also be shut off remotely.
  • CCTV cameras and motion sensors They monitor security inside the premises and along the perimeter. They also trigger an alarm and send a notification to you and the security company.
  • The smart intercom allows you to remotely let a gardener or cleaner in and close the door automatically. It also takes a photo of all visitors who have turned up in your absence.
  • Imitation of presence – if you don’t go home for a long time, this function will come in very handy: it will randomly switch on lighting and electronic devices in different rooms, creating the effect of presence.


Putting the house into energy-saving mode keeps all systems running, but with minimal loss of energy resources. This can save up to 30% of electricity costs.

Climate control

Before your arrival, the system will set a comfortable climate for your stay.

In your absence, the system will maintain the optimal climate for your home. In this way, your furniture and clothes will not be exposed to the threat of damp and mould, as the system will maintain the desired temperature, humidity level and room ventilation.

Other features of the Smart Home system are available here.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home systems on the market can be divided into two categories:

  • wired (cables, switches, NAS stations)
  • wireless (WI-FI o Bluetooth)

If you are building your house in the country, the idea of a wired system would be the best option. It is in fact much more reliable than a wireless system and, when the Wi-Fi is switched off, it continues to work. Moreover, another advantage of this type is a much faster response time.

Larnitech is a German manufacturer of wired Smart Home systems, producing automation devices at its full-cycle factory in Germany. The Larnitech team has also developed an app that manages all automation systems.

For many years, we have successfully helped our customers optimise control and management processes and implement new technologies and specialised solutions for the Smart Home.

If you would like advice on the Larnitech Smart Home system for your country house, please contact us or our dealers authorised.

Your Smart Home in the Countryside

The Smart Home in the country is a flexible solution that can be adapted to your individual needs, expectations, habits and lifestyle. Thanks to its flexibility, each system can have a different automation and individual functions.
However, one thing remains the same: a smart home in the countryside increases the level of safety and comfort, helps save resources and is more ‘ecological’.