Security Systems in the Smart Home


The camera can be controlled remotely using a phone, tablet or computer. Get images from the cameras at scheduled times, when motion is detected or at any other time.
In addition, you can limit access to the cameras: for example, the family will have one account, but only the parents will see the cameras.
Video from surveillance cameras can be sent through an encrypted channel to a server located in another country. This feature prevents malicious destruction of image data.


A state-of-the-art security system from Larnitech will help completely protect your home from burglars.

You can set an alarm for the entire property (when no one is home) or only for selected rooms, so that, for example, staff cannot enter. At night, you can set the Security mode on the entire perimeter of the entire house, except for those rooms where family members sleep.

In the event of an intrusion, the system responds as follows:

  • Larnitech sensors detect movement
  • Video cameras capture intruder’s face
  • The system activates a light and sound signal throughout the house
  • A message about the break-in will be sent to your phone, as well as to the security company
  • Locking certain doors and windows can be added to the “Security” scenario.

The closing and opening of doors and windows is controlled by reed sensors. The program will always show where the windows are closed and where they are not. If the windows have electric drives, they can be closed remotely.


Do you need to leave the house for a few days so that no one knows about it?
Our system can create the illusion of your hosts’ presence: it will turn the lights, TV and music on or off, push back or draw the curtains, and play the sounds of people talking or dogs barking.


Innovative technologies also help control all the internal systems of the house. Particularly popular is the Anti-Flood System.

If the leak sensors are triggered, the system automatically closes the valve and informs you immediately. The message can also be sent to the service company. The water supply will remain blocked until the sensor is reset. This can be easily done using the Larnitech app.

During wet cleaning, you can turn on ignore mode so that the Anti-Flood system does not react.

Larnitech offers the following types of water flow sensors:

  • built in
  • on the floor
  • on the wall

So you can choose the best option to fit the design of your smart home.


If CO2 levels rise, the sensors detect this and send a message to the owner’s phone. At the same time, the smart home system will automatically turn off the gas supply and start ventilation.
You can also set a manual control mode, when the system just sends messages and you decide what to do next.

The smart home security system also detects smoke and, in integration with other fire systems (Ajax, Satel, etc.), will sound the alarm at the right moment.


You can turn off your iron or oven remotely using your cell phone.

When you leave the house, the Smart Home system turns off all electrical appliances that should be turned off in your absence.

The app also allows you to create a separate “Dangerous outlets” button, where all appliances that pose a fire risk will be entered. In this way, with one click you can protect your home from short circuits and fires.


Special attention is paid to wartime security systems. In particular, during an air raid, a notification is also sent to the Larnitech app, after which the system automatically closes the blinds on the windows, turns off electrical appliances and cuts off the gas supply.

The control algorithm can be configured and customized individually for each user.


The system monitors the operation of utility systems.
You will be immediately notified of emergencies related to water supply, heating, power supply, air conditioning, ventilation, security, monitoring, internet connection, etc.

You can be sure of the safety of your home even in your absence or at night while you sleep. Larnitech will take care of you, your loved ones and your home!