Remote blinds control

Curtains are not only an important element of decor, but also the main regulator of natural light in a house.  That is why automatic control of curtains, shutters, blinds is one of the most demanded functions in a Smart Home.


How to install electric curtains?

A common mistake is when customers start thinking about curtains automation in the final stages of home renovation. In fact, the installation of electric curtain rods is designed in parallel with the electrical system.

  • The first step is to lay the wiring to the windows, namely the power cable and the control cable.
  • When the renovation is completed, the curtain rails or shutters with electric drives are installed, which are then switched to the Larnitech system.

You can then control the curtains from your phone in the Larnitech app.

What kinds of blinds can the Larnitech Smart Home control?

  • Blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Sliding blinds
  • Fabric roller blinds
  • Raffle blinds
  • Reflexols
  • Awnings

It is noteworthy that the Smart Home system can control curtains much better than the original remote control, that is limited in functions, while the Smart Home automation allows:

The control from a single application is very convenient to close the curtains in the whole house or in a particular room without getting up from the couch.

Remote control of electric curtains – even when you are thousands of miles away from home, you can control curtains from your phone, as well as other Smart Home systems.

Curtains сontrol with voice assistants – Larnitech offers free integration with the voice assistants Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Apple HomeKit.

Partial opening of curtains and blinds – if there is too much light, you can use the app or a voice assistant to open the curtains not completely, but by 10%, 50%, 80%, etc. – thereby adjusting their position for optimum light. The blinds can also be partially closed by turning the sashes to one side or the other or by raising them to a certain height.

Timed control – the curtains will open in the morning at sunrise and close at nightfall. This is done either by integrating Larnitech with its own virtual weather station or by a manually set schedule.

Biodynamic control of curtains by light sensors – in order to avoid burning of furniture or damage to the flooring, the curtains will partially or completely close according to the movement of sunlight.

Scenario control of curtains – during the “Reading” scenario, the curtains will open to the maximum, letting natural light into the room. In the “Cinema” scenario, on the contrary, the curtains will be completely closed, preventing glare.


An important thing in the management of blinds is the security of the house and people in it. At the time of departure the owners can remotely close the security shutters and be sure that burglars will not get inside through the windows.

Presence imitation. Curtains can simulate the presence of the owners when they are not at home, opening and closing automatically.

Warfare security. The Larnitech system has a safety plug-in that automatically closes exterior blinds and curtains during an air alarm.


Automatic closing of reflexols and raffles at night and during the cold season provides up to 30% energy savings due to heat conservation.

So the best solution for maximum comfort and savings is the integration of motorized blinds systems with a Smart Home from Larnitech. Delegate all routine tasks to the Smart Home and save your energy and time!

Briefly about us

Larnitech is a manufacturer of wired decentralized Smart Home systems. Our system works on CAN-bus, which stands out among others for its fast response speed. All equipment is made in Germany and is thoroughly tested before it is released on the market.

We offer a 2-year hardware warranty and ongoing online support in multiple languages.

Our equipment is installed exclusively by certified dealers, whom you can find in your country or region.

We offer the highest German quality at the best price on the market. Contact us and will calculate the cost of Larnitech Smart Home for your project for free!  More information about us – here.