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Light + Building 2018 expo

Larnitech took part in Light+Building 2018 expo in Frankfurt.



General features
Cameras and intercom
Distributed logic

Increased reliability of Larnitech is ensured by distributed logic of the system operation.
The system has no central element, all network elements are equal and communicate with each other. This also makes it easy to expand the system.

Data Encryption

The Larnitech system is accessed via an encrypted data channel.
Data encryption is carried out using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, which is also used in the banking sector.

Customized access

The system allows you to grand or restrict access to different users (to view or manage certain elements).
For example, you can restrict children’s access to video cameras, climate control systems and utility networks.


The system logs the readings of counters, sensors, information on the use of electrical appliances.
You can view the counter readings of gas, heat, electricity and water consumption, as well as sensor readings in the form of graphs for different periods of time.

Visual control

Control the system using the plan of premises on the tablet or phone.
Besides the usual control mode, you can control the system elements that are displayed on the plan or image of your house or apartment.

User customization

Our system gives user the possibility to change certain system settings. For example, you can choose which switch is responsible for a certain lightning group or at what time and at what illumination level the automation will be triggered, etc.

Lighting scenarios

Create custom lighting scenarios, for example: "Early Awakening", "Cozy Evening" or "Business Day".
Larnitech will remember your schedule and create a comfortable lighting at various times of day. Set the appropriate lighting scenario with one touch.

Lighting automation

Lighting is automatically switched off or on at the right times.
The on/off mode is based on motion sensor signals, illumination, and door position. With automatic lighting you will not have to search for the switch in the dark.

Smart switches

With the function of “switch snapping" lighting control throughout the house will be much more convenient.
For example, a switch from the bedroom can turn off the light throughout the house. Also, one key can control the light on the stairs, in the corridor and hallway.

Curtain control

Control the curtains in your home with the help of an automatic intelligent control system.
In the morning, the curtains are opened automatically triggered by your alarm signal, and closed when room lighting is turned on.

Landscape lighting

Switch landscape lighting scenarios, control them in manual or automatic modes.
For example, driveway lighting is switched on automatically at nightfall, but the garden gets lit when people are there.

"I`m gone / I`m home" scenarios

When leaving home, press one button on the control
panel, and the house will automatically turn to the "I`m gone" mode.
Water supply will be blocked, power saving mode for heating and climate control systems will be activated, all the lights in the house will be turned off and the security system will be activated.

Climate Control

Unified management and interaction of the following systems: heating, floor heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, air purification and humidification.
Our intelligent system creates optimum temperature and air quality in your home.

Zoning of premises

Adjust the appropriate mode for each zone of your home.
Depending on the house area designation, time, or the presence/absence of people, the appropriate temperature mode will be turned on.

Ventilation System

The Larnitech system contols the ventilation to keep the level of carbon dioxide in the premises at the appropriate level.
The system automatically turns the ventilation on (if necessary) or switches to power saving mode.


Control the air humidity level in your home.
If the humidity level falls or rises below or above the threshold that you had set, the system will automatically turn on, and restore the level comfortable for you.

Air cleaner

Smart cleaners make the air clean and safe.
You will have no trouble related to dust and pet allergies. Adjust the cleaner operation schedule convenient for you and enjoy the fresh air in the house.

Home weather station

Home weather station informs you about the weather situation, and notifies you about the rain and snow.
Always stay tuned into the weather conditions.

Heating modes

Control the modes of your home heating and save up to 30% of energy resources. When you leave your home, activate the "economy” mode, and the house will be supported at a minimum temperature. If you want the house to be warmed up when you return, turn on the "comfort” mode using your smartphone, tablet or regular phone.

Heating radiators

Intelligent system of your house creates a comfortable temperature in each room.
The Larnitech system takes into account not only the temperature in the room, but also the information of external sensors, which allows to maintain the climate mode of your choice as accurately as possible.

Floor heating

The system automatically adjusts the floor temperature.
When you are absent, the system switches to power saving mode allowing to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Smart fan coil control

Our system allows you to control the intensity of fan coil units and to create personalized modes of their operation.

Interoperability of systems

Various climatic systems are integrated and can be used to support or supplement each other.
For example, the floor heating can be used as an alternative/additional form of house heating.
Radiators, fan coil units and AC units are all interconnected to ensure the premium temparature conditions in your house.

Control of equipment operation

The system monitors the microclimate in the premises and controls the operation of the climate equipment.
For example, if your gas boiler is turned off because of some malfunction, the system will automatically turn on the electric one, preventing the water pipes from freezing, and immediately notify you about the incident.

Leakage protection

When the water leakage sensors are triggered, the system automatically turns the water off and immediately informs you of this. The water supply will stay blocked until you reset the sensor.

Access control

If an intruder steps onto the property, the alarm system is triggered.
The system activates the light and sound alarm, calls the security service, and sends you a message accompanied with photos or video files from the surveillance cameras.

Control of electrical appliances

You can turn off the iron or the oven remotely using your mobile phone.
When you leave your home, the Smart Home system turns off all electrical appliances that should be off when you are away.

Presence simulation

Do you need to leave your home for a few days without anyone knowing this?
Our system can create an illusion of the hosts' presence: it will turn the lights, TV and music on or off, open or close the curtains and play the sounds of people talking or dogs barking.

Remote video surveillance

You have the possibility to control video surveillance cameras online.
Recording can be done continuously or only when motion is detected.
The video archive is uploaded to the remote server via an encrypted channel. You can view the records from the cameras at any time.

Control of utility systems

The system monitors the operation of utility systems.
You will be immediately notified of emergencies concerning water supply, heating, power supply, air-conditioning, ventilation, security, video surveillance, internet connection, etc.

Centralized management

The Multiroom system allows you to centrally manage sources of audio and video in every room of your home.
You can listen to music and view the images, and also to manage them in any part of your home, no matter where the equipment is located.

Voice alerts

The system will tell you via the Multiroom system about the call on the intercom, an incoming call on the phone, triggering of leakage sensors, etc.

Tracking sound

Enjoy your favorite music anywhere in your home.
With the help of motion detectors, the system responds to listener location and automatically turns the sound on in the areas you enter and turns it off in the areas that are empty.


Due to support of AirPlay and DLNA technology, you can play your favorite music from the smartphone or tablet library through the speakers of the Multiroom system.


Five reasons to get your Smart Home from Larnitech

The best German qualities: practicality, reliability and efficiency

Easy connection, simple control

Universal solution for all your home tasks

Benefits for clients: convenience, safety and energy efficiency

A mobile device app grants you access from any place in the world





high level of system reliability and safety


scenarios, voice alerts, tracking sound, and more


with Alexa and Siri


from any place via cloud connection


a large number of pre-programmed scrips makes your home truly smart


allows you to install Larnitech system at any office, apartment or house


with unlimited possibilities for integration with any third-party systems (Nest, Philips Hue, Sonos, etc.)


access using encrypted digital channels guarantees complete protection of data


easy tuning and management. Free software for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux


Saving of up to 30% of energy resources allows to return your Smart Home investment quickly