smart office


You deserve the office that meets all your needs in a smart and modern way! Larnitech Smart Office system enhances your office experience, so you can concentrate on producing better results at work, while enjoying it on the way!


Larnitech office provides you with the possibility to control lighting, climate, security and other systems effortlessly and efficiently. Whether it’s intercom, meter statistics, access control or any of the multitude of functions available, you will be satisfied with the result. Not caring for mundane office tasks that figure themselves out will become a habit, giving you more time to focus on what really matters!


a home-like office space
full control of all office systems
enhanced security
protection from gas and water leakage
smart lighting and HVAC options
all the statistics is centralized for your convenience


Larnitech Smart Office offers a variety of ready-made scenarios allowing for most of our customers’ wishes and desires to be fulfilled. For example, the ‘I’m gone’ scenario, activated at a single touch of a button, turns off all the office lights, turns off the equipment or puts it into energy-saving mode and activates the security system. There is a large database of available secenarios and it is possible to create custom-made scenarios to cater for your exact needs.


Office theatre, multiroom, video monitoring, security alarm, access control system and others can be easily integrated into the overall automation and control system of Larnitech Smart Office allowing them to interact efficiently. AC units, TVs, printers, water boilers and even coffee machines can be integrated into the system, giving you ultimate control over every little thing in your office space.


  • Access control

Your office knows who comes in or out, including the exact times. All of this statistics is easily available to you through your Larnitech app or through your personal virtual office. You are able to talk to the visitors in front of your office door from anywhere in the world and take appropriate action. Whether you let them in and tell the office coffee machine to make them a cup of fragrant coffee or ask them to come at a better time, the decision is up to you!

  • Protection from water leakage

In case of a water leakage, the system automatically blocks the water supply and informs you of the incident.

  • Video monitoring

This feature allows you to view the images from the cameras in your office online

  • Security system

‘Security’ scenario will notify you of an unauthorized entry into the office or the area around it.