smart hotel


Wouldn’t you like to stay at the hotel which offers you premium comfort and modernity and gives you full control of lighting, HVAC and multiroom? Wouldn’t you like to run one and centrally control all of the hotel systems with precision and ease?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, Larnitech Smart Hotel system may be just the right one for you! Among many things, it cuts down your building operation costs, provides a superior and unforgettable experience for the hotel guests and enhances the safety features of the building.


With Larnitech Smart Hotel everybody gets what they want: developers are able to get a better price for the building with smart features, hotel management has full control of their premises (statistics on resources consumed, guest lists, alerts on any malfunction like a water leakage, etc.) and the guests simply enjoy it all without a second thought (which a good hotel stay is really about). So, it is a win-win solution, whichever way you look!

full control of lighting, HVAC, multiroom
saving resources
voice control (Alexa, Siri, Google Home)
safety from gas and water leakage
advanced security options
possibility of controlling everything remotely

Hotel suites automation

  • Lighting control (automatic lights and appliances turning off in the guest’s absence in the suite)
  • Heating control (various heating modes, automatic activation of the energy-saving mode)
  • Blinds and curtains control
  • A range of pre-set ‘scenarios’, like ‘morning’, ‘bedtime’, ‘reading’, etc.
  • Management of room systems with the help of a tablet (convenient management of music and video)
  • Informing the guests of the status of services booked and sending them invoices via a tablet


We take your safety seriously, as we are sure you do as well! Larnitech Smart Hotel provides hotel operators with the possibility to have full room access control, as well as control over the various systems of the building (like water leakage). In case of a water leakage, the water supply will be temporarily blocked and the hotel management will be immediately notified of the incident.

Entire hotel complex automation

  • Energy saving due to lighting, heating, air-conditioning automation of nonresidential and public premises
  • Security systems: access control to the site and the premises, video surveillance system integration, water leakage control
  • Monitoring of all engineering systems performance
  • Providing the hotel guests with up-to-date information

Hotel reception assistant

Spend more time welcoming your guests and catering for their needs and less time thinking of day-to-day building maintenance chores. Let Larnitech Smart Hotel take some of the stress off your shoulders!

Get status information on all rooms and hotel engineering systems whenever you like. Engineering systems are monitored and managed automatically, unless your attention is required (which you will be notified of)!