Automation of high-rise buildings


Let LARNITECH DISPATCH AUTOMATION SYSTEM assist you in taking care of your bills! Our system will do all the calculations and provide you with all the statistics. The system covers electricity, heating and water supply, air conditioning and ventilation, security alarm, access control, video surveillance, water and gas. It caters both for the residents and for the service provider companies that manage residential and commercial buildings.


All systems cooperate smoothly ensuring the efficient use of resources. Larnitech provides the building management with easy access to unified information database and unparalleled system control.

21st century dispatch system
full control of lighting, HVAC, multiroom
saving resources
all the statistics is centralized for your convenience
safety from gas and water leakage
advanced security options
dispatching system

Ease of control and management

The data from all the meters (gas, electricity, water, heating) from all apartments is arranged into a single database, which can be accessed by the management.

The building management has the ability to control all the systems remotely, if a need arises. For example, the building manager can change the settings for lighting control in public spaces and have certain areas lit more than they used to or vise versa. Most of these schemes will be running automatically and simply need some monitoring, so changes will only be implemented if certain circumstances change.

Convenience for residents

User-friendly Android and iOS Larnitech apps enable the residents to control their environment easily.

Every resident of the building has a personal digital office with all the information concerning the meter readings of their own apartment. They can view meter readings, view messages, bills and much more. This allows them to see their consumption patterns and be aware of the statistics and costs.

Smart use of resources

Control of the building HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) systems is centralized. All the systems are set up in a way to maximize efficiency and avoid wasting of resources. Only the parts of the building that need to be heated are. The system monitors air temperature in a given area and acts accordingly, whether to maintain the required temperature level or to stay idle until it drops to a certain point.

Among other features, the system allows you to

  • adjust the energy consumption according to the chosen scenario
  • reduce the heat consumption, if there is no one at home (weekly automatically activated scenario or manual control via a smartphone)
  • heat up the premises prior to the residents’ arrival
  • implement multi-zone heating control (for apartments)

Security and safety

We offer a centrally managed system of entrance hall access, which constantly keeps visitor statistics logs.

Smart intercom allows the residents and the building management to have intercom conversations from anywhere.

Surveillance cameras are used to ensure the residents’ safety. The management can view the cameras from any location.

If there is some sort of a security breach, the management is notified immediately by the system.

Water and gas

Water and gas supply can be blocked by the building administration if the water bills have not been paid

Shutting off the water supply, if there is no one at home (‘Empty apartment’ scenario)

Automatic costs accounting system for electricity, water, heat, gas consumption

  • Consumption statistics and records
  • Generation of reports and utility bills
  • Data analysis and processing. Detection of inefficient resource use and automatic adjustment of building systems operation
  • Whole-building resources consumption control
  • Web-portal reporting the resources consumtion data to consumers and the utility company

The system backs up the data on the meters and generates reports. It is able to direct this data to custom-specified recipients. Each user has a personal account, while the utility company has a centralized monitoring and control system.